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The Rodgers Group is pleased to provide you with a one-stop source for compliance with New Jersey Attorney General Grewal’s new Handle with Care Directive. Each New Jersey Law Enforcement agency must have a policy that directs agency personnel on how to perform the Order’s functions. Additionally, each agency must conduct training to educate their personnel on both the new Directive’s intent and how it should be instituted at the local level; this is accomplished by viewing a symposium. All the information you will need is contained below.

Below are the Directive and an Executive Summary video that explain what the NJ Handle with Care Program is about.

NJ AG Directive and Press Release

On October 6, 2020, New Jersey Attorney General Grewal disseminated Attorney General Law Enforcement Directive 2020-09, establishing a “Statewide Handle with Care” Program. Below are links to both the Directive and the press release.

Click here to download the Directive

Click here to view the News Release

Program Executive Summary

The video above will provide you with an executive summary of the New Jersey handle with care program. This is not the video that is required for training. The symposium video is the training video.

Click here to download Executive Summary

Below are the Symposium, a Sample Policy, and a DMS Instructional Video you may use to comply with the Directive.

Symposium Training Video for Personnel

The above symposium video (3:06:26) should be distributed on your PowerDMS to all personnel to view and sign off on as mandatory training for the Handle with Care Program. You can download the video (388 MB) using the link provided below.

All New Jersey law enforcement officers are required to attend the symposium or view its recording by December 31, 2020.

Link to the symposium video on YouTube

Click here to download the Symposium

Sample Policy Template

For your convenience, the Rodgers Group’s policy writers have prepared a Microsoft Word template for compliance with the Directive. You may download the document with the link below. Please customize as appropriate.

Click here to download the template

How to Distribute Symposium in DMS

Don Phillipi of the Rodgers Group has put together a short instructional video detailing how you can embed the symposium video in your PowerDMS and then distribute it to all your personnel for signatures. This will prove your compliance with the AG Directive.

Click here to download Don’s instructions

Below are videos that introduce the Handle with Care Program from three different perspectives.

AG Grewal and SAC Susan Gibson on the “Handle With Care” Program


Chief Christopher Leusner (Middle Township Police Department) on the “Handle With Care” Program


Interim DOE Commissioner Kevin Dehmer on “Handle With Care”


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