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Customizing your Personal User Experience is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1: Application

Obtaining your Free membership with Accreditation Plus™ is simple and easy, click on the “Complete the Application” button below and follow the on-screen instructions. Once your application is processed and approved, you will receive an email from a TRG Team Member with further information.


Step 2: Selection of Dashboard(s)

When we have approved your membership application, a TRG Team Member will contact you via email to determine which accreditation program dashboards you will need to access. A program’s dashboard is your personal window into that accreditation program’s activities.

You may review the list of programs we provide services for at the link below.

View Accreditation Programs
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Step 3: Selection of Practitioner Groups

Once you are a member of Accreditation Plus™, you may join as many TRG Practitioner Groups to collaborate with peers across the United States. You may view all of our groups at the link below. To join a TRG Practitioner Group, all you need to do is visit that group’s section and request membership. Once you have completed your request, the group leader will reach out to you with any additional information you may need.

View Practitioner Groups
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Practitioner Groups

The Rodgers Group facilitates the collaboration of practitioners from across the country in many different areas of organizational assignments and responsibilities. We divide these groups into three distinct parts: Accreditation Management, Technology that Facilitates Professionalism, and Organizational Functions.  We describe each of these in greater detail below.

Accreditation Management

The TRG accreditation management Practitioner Groups are geared towards accreditation managers, supervisors of accreditation managers, command staff responsible for producing products required for accreditation, and agency policy writers/researchers. The TRG Team facilitates the learning and sharing of many different accreditation programs. Each accreditation management Practitioner Group is tailored to its specific accreditation program. One of the most critical functions of these groups is to serve as a task management coordinator to keep agencies on task with producing time-sensitive work product.

Technology that Promotes Professionalism

Long gone are the paper accreditation files. Thankfully, they have been replaced by PowerDMS Standards. PowerDMS Standards is a powerful accreditation program management tool that has taken the accreditation community by storm. The TRG Practitioner Groups has one specially designed for PowerDMS users. Additionally, several other software programs and platforms have emerged as favorites. We also facilitate Guardian Tracking, CRGs, and 911eye Practitioner Groups. We encourage you to join them all and see what you have been missing!

Organizational Functions

Have you ever been given a new assignment at your department and had to struggle with learning the job? Have you ever had a difficult problem or a tough investigation you just couldn’t figure out? Of course you have, we all have. This is why we created our “Organizational Functions” Practitioner Groups. We promote interactive and ongoing facilitation of information among your peers in your particular area of specialty. These groups were developed, especially with Internal Affairs Officers, Training Officers, Public Information Officers, and Investigators in mind.

Completing the Accreditation Plus™ Membership Application

When your agency becomes a member of Accreditation Plus, we will work with you to designate a Membership Coordinator.  Membership Coordinators are responsible for adding and removing user accounts for agency personnel.  Each agency can have up to five (5) user accounts in total, including their Membership Coordinator.

To begin the membership process, the agency Membership Coordinator needs to scroll down and complete the Membership Registration.  Once the registration is received, Rodgers Group staff will verify the information and contact the Membership Coordinator to set up the agency account.

Scroll down to begin.

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