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All our benefits are designed to be delivered in an online collaborative environment.  There is no longer a need to travel to locations or look for a mentor.  Accreditation Plus is all that and more!

  • Customized User Experience
  • Program Specific Information and Training
  • Virtual Conferences
  • Internal Affairs Practitioners Group
  • Accreditation Technology User Groups
  • Accreditation Consultants
  • Library of Webinars, Videos, and Podcasts
  • Skill Development Training
  • Analysis Articles with Actionable Information

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Accreditation Plus is Free for current Rodgers Group clients and for all other agencies.

 When your agency becomes a member of Accreditation Plus, we will work with you to designate a Membership Coordinator.  Membership Coordinators are responsible for adding and removing user accounts for agency personnel.  Each agency can have up to five (5) user accounts in total, including their Membership Coordinator.

To begin the membership process, the agency Membership Coordinator needs to scroll down and complete the Membership Registration.  Once the registration is received, Rodgers Group staff will verify the information and contact the Membership Coordinator to set up the agency account.

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