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NJSACOP LEAP Annual Accreditation Report

Agency: Sea Girt Police Department
Report for Calendar Year: 2019

Section 1

This section requires information for various tables in the most recent final assessment report, which had been generated with your most recent onsite assessment and presented to the NJSACOP LEAC.

Racially Influenced Policing Complaints:

Traffic Contacts 0
Field Contacts 0
Forfeitures 0

Use of Force:

Firearm 0
CED (Taser) 0
Baton 0
OC 0
Canine Physical Contact 0
Weaponless Physical Force 11
Total Types of Force 11
Total Use of Force Arrests 9
Complaints of Excessive Force 1
Total Agency Custodial Arrests 133

Personnel Actions:

Suspensions 0
Demotions 0
Resignation in Lieu of Termination 0
Termination 0
Other 1
Total 1

Sworn Officer Selection Activity in the Past Year:

Race/SexApplications ReceivedCandidates Hired
White Male81
White Female10
African American Male00
African American Female00
Hispanic/Latino Male11
Hispanic/Latino Female00
Asian Male00
Asian Female00
Other Male00
Other Female00


TestedEligible After TestingPromoted
White Male000
White Female000
African American Male000
African American Female000
Hispanic/Latino Male000
Hispanic/Latino Female000
Asian Male000
Asian Female000
Other Male000
Other Female000


Total Pursuits1
Terminated by Agency1
Policy Compliant1
Policy Non-Compliant0
Third Party0
Underlying Offense
Traffic Offense1
DP or PDP0

Complaints and Internal Affairs:

External Citizen Complaints Total:7
Not Sustained1
Internal Agency Complaints Total:1
Not Sustained0

Section 2:

This section provides general information on your agency that will be beneficial to the assessors for your next onsite assessment.

Name of CEO for organization: Kevin T. Davenport

Rank/Title of CEO: Chief

Is this a new CEO from the last assessment or report? No

Name of Accreditation Manager for organization? John DeMillio

Rank/Title of Accreditation Manager: Sergeant

Are you a New Jersey Civil Service Commission jurisdiction? No

Have you had any critical incidents during the calendar year? Yes

Please provide a brief description:

We had a critical incident.  Information contained here.

Are there any future issues addressed in the final report of your on-site assessment? Yes

Were there any future issues addressed in your final report handled by your agency in this past calendar year? Yes

This is the future issues area.

Submitting By: Sergeant John DeMillio Date: April 17, 2020
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